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Brought to you by the experts who produced Skin to Skin in the First Hour After Birth: Practical Advice for Staff after Vaginal and Cesarean Birth  and

Latch 1, 2, 3, this beautifully crafted DVD is sure to inspire parents to think seriously about holding their baby skin to skin in the first hour after birth.

Perfect for parents-to-be, birthing classes, lactation professionals, WIC, hospitals and anyone interested in the magic of skin to skin in the first hour. Now available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.

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Magical Hour Support Materials
Poster Front Cover Book Cover

This full color poster documents a baby's 9 instinctive stages the first hour after birth. Photographs beautifully depict each of the 9 stages.

14 x 20 full color, heavy poster stock. Available in English, Spanish or French - $5.00 each

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This important video is intended to assist staff in providing behaviorally appropriate, individualized, baby adapted care for the full term newborn using the best practice of skin to skin contact in the first hour after birth.

DVD, 39 minutes, Available in English, French, Russian, Norwegian - $39.00

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This delightful, informative book chronicles through photographs the first hour after birth as a baby placed skin-to-skin with her mother undertakes the 9 instinctive stages that leads to the baby suckling at the mother's breast. English, and French. $25.00 each

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